A Financial Overview
Willow Canyon Foundation
(a 501-c-3 charitable trust)

Willow Canyon Foundation was established in 2004. In contemplating how we might have the greatest impact on our society, it was concluded that education is the most effective way to benefit our now global society. Willow Canyon's educational focus is not only in the fields of hard sciences such as math, chemistry and history. We hope to promote the ideals and principals needed to put those hard sciences to good use and benefit society.The Founders and Supporters of Willow Canyon believe that as we become successful and attain material wealth, we must be vigilant in maintaining our moral direction.

The Trustees and Board of Directors of Willow Canyon serve without compensation, and personally contribute to the projects underway. Our accountant Scott Sweeny and our legal counsel Steve Black both of Alpine, Utah have donated most of their time in support of our efforts.

The administrative expenses of the trust in 2007 were less than 1% of the total budget. This allowed that virtually every dollar contributed be dedicated to charitable work.

In this section of our website you may review the tax returns of the Willow Canyon Foundation. In our other sections you will find a detailed Mission Statement and a description of our current projects.

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