About Willow Canyon

Willow Canyon Foundation was established in 2004 with the goal of improving Society by promoting education. We are interested in educational programs that effectively teach living skills and support self-sufficiency. The charity we wish to give is the ability to succeed long after our involvement has ended; we believe that in this way we can most benefit society.  We are working on projects that embody these beliefs and also support outside charitable organizations that share our goals and values.  If you would like to learn more on how we are structured please view our organizational chart.

Our Current Charitable Projects

The Willow Canyon Foundation is currently working with two outside charitable organizations: Foundation Escalara, which supports rural Mexican children seeking a high school education and the House of Hope which counsels victims of abuse.   We are also working on three of our own projects.   First, we are offering the Freedom Scholarships, an essay contest for high school students to encourage the study and discussion of the ideals of the Founding Fathers.  Second, we produce educational CDs to promote important works that express the ideas and principles that are necessary for a free and enlightened society. The CDs are donated to schools, sold to raise funds for our programs, and are available to civic groups to be used as a fundraiser.  Finally, we are involved in the production of Braille workbooks for blind students in rural areas. To learn more about our work please visit the "Charitable Projects" section of our web page.


The Mission Statement


 Willow Canyon Foundation

(a charitable trust)

Established February 14, 2004


The Founders of the Willow Canyon Foundation believe:

That the freedom enjoyed by an emancipated society is (a) protected, and (b) further advanced if its citizens actively express their ideas and beliefs; recalling the words of John Stuart Mill that because humanity is imperfect "the interest of truth requires a diversity of opinion".

That the effectiveness of this "protection and advancement" is increased if the opinions of the citizens are enlightened and rational.

That if the citizens become ignorant of, or indifferent to the ideals that first raised their people into greatness, then they face the inevitable erosion of their beneficial circumstances. History clearly shows that the choices made by humanity do not always bring progress--Rome declined from a republic into tyranny, and Germany declined from a democracy into fascism.

That an individual, or society in general, can achieve increased enlightenment and rationality by the study and comprehension of the literature produced by the scholars, poets and philosophers who have articulated the principles upon which enlightened civilizations are founded.

That the safety of a society is further protected if has allies, and the only true and lasting ally of a free society is a neighboring society that is also free. Therefore a free society, for its own benefit as well as the benefit of its repressed neighbors, should promote an understanding of the ideas and principles that have historically transformed repression into freedom.

Concluding that maintaining freedom requires that we make a continual effort to be an enlightened and rational people. To this end we choose to endeavor to educate the succeeding generations, and recommend to them an understanding of, and a faith in the logic and merits of the principles that first created our equitable estate.

Motivated by these beliefs the Founders of the Willow Canyon Foundation have established this Charitable Trust to:

     1. Diligently assemble the literature and the philosophical works that express the ideas and principles whose practice is a necessity for the maintenance of a free and enlightened society;

     2. Modernize, reproduce and disseminate these works in forms accessible to our evolving society (particularly to its youth); and

     3. By using the vehicle of grants and scholarships encourage the study, discussion, understanding and free expression of these ideas.